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Monday, October 10, 2011

Which Way You Greet Others?

Which is the perfect way to greet others when you meet them?  Is it through a handshake, hug or just facial expressions or body movements like bowing, keeping our body out of reach to the guest?  If you have not thought about it seriously, it is time to do so.  Handshake and hugs are custom to west but not at other places in east like Japan where children are taught the perfect way to bow before others while greeting them.  In places like India it is namasthe(folding hands) to greet others.  But generally handshakes are accepted world wide as the usual expression of welcome greeting and universally followed.

But a recent study reveals it is not scientifically safe to do handshake as it is an easy way to spread virus.Nathan Wolfe, a virus expert from California has recently advised to avoid handshake and follow other methods like Japanese way of bowing or even touching one's elbow instead of handshake to prevent virus spreading.  It is relevant in the wake of findings that Flu Virus can survive more than 24 hours on objects of contact and remain infectious.  So let us regulate handshakes and restrict it to escape the dangers and think about alternate modes like bumping fists(ex. Barack Obama and his wife) or the Japanese way of bowing.  Read report

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