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Are You Watching Your Walking Style?

The most auspicious day in a human life is one when he/she starts to walk. From that day onward we start moving from place to place.  Some...

Friday, August 17, 2012

Natural Ways to Improve Memory

One of the natural ways to improve memory is through meeting your dietary requirements by including brain enhancing supplements from the nature itself.   It helps you to escape from the hazards of over dependence on drugs and chemicals. Over dependence to chemicals is harmful and may lead to addiction or it may become your routine in the long run.   Many of these chemicals and drugs which the researchers prescribe are available in their natural form in many food materials readily available in nature.  And it is for you to recognize your deficiency and select the natural resources to suit the requirement for memory improving vitamins.   Or even a precautionary dependence on any of these natural resources is harmless unlike intake of vitamin or minerals obtained through chemicals.
Some of the food materials we usually take are rich with vitamins and minerals and some contain rare elements helpful to improve memory power concentration.  For example, the main ingredient used in chocolate, cocoa is found to be very useful to increase your memory power.  An alternate way is cocoa drink.  A daily dose of cocoa drink enhances the memory.
 A study made by University in Italy so proves.  Dr. Laura Phipps of Alzheimer’s Research UK underscore the need to conduct further study on the subject.  It has been suggested that to get optimum result other drinks such as tea and coffee may have to be replaced by this.  How to prepare such drinks is described in this video link - http://www.videojug.com/film/how-to-make-the-perfect-hot-chocolate.  So how about making a change to this useful product?  

Cocoa Tree, Fruit and Beans 

Cocoa is a plantation crop and cocoa powder is extracted from the bean contained in cocoa fruit. Major country producing cocoa is Ivory Coast where 13 % of total world production is made and it is largely available through out the world market as finished products.
Another natural way to check memory loss is to include grape seeds and pine cones in the diet.  These are containing a natural chemical called NIC5-15 which is helpful in controlling development of amyloidal plaques in brain which causes coating on brain cells and retarding its function.   Pine cone fruits contain beans and these beans are roasted and used like peanuts.  A handful of it every day helps to retain memory.  But be careful to select seeds of non toxic varieties which are not rancid.
An all out efforts are made by people to enhance their body ability by doing physical exercises and work out to make them more presentable and attractive.  But efforts to enhance mental efficiency and cognitive power using brain improvement techniques are very rare and cared too little.  A combination of a healthy mind with healthy body alone can ensure success. So the best ways to improve memory is to include dietary supplements to improve memory.  For that you have to recognize your special dietary need and adhere strictly to natural ways in selecting right type of dietary supplements that are needed.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Have you had the chance of tasting Brazil nut?

Have you ever thought how indispensable nuts are for inclusion of it into your diet?  If not do so very soon for the following reasons.  Nuts are delicious and liked by all.   Of which Brazil Nuts known by its indigenous names juvia or sapucaia in Brazil are very important due to its rich content of selenium,  a rare mineral highly essential to health.  It is grown on forest trees surviving for years bearing fruits containing these seeds. These trees are native of Guianas, Venezuela, Columbia, peru, Bolivia apart from Brazil.  Brazil nut oil is edible and has simultaneous industrial use in lubricants, paint and cosmetics industry.  But the importance of this tree grows in the context of its nut containing this rare mineral selenium which is so precious to mankind.  So if you have access to it don’t forget to add it as a dietary supplement as it helps to a great extend to tune up your immune system.
A mineral too much discussed now a days is selenium,  chemical symbol of which is Se with atomic number 34.  It is established that we need this mineral in very small quantities for preservation of good health.  When combined with vitamin E, it works as an anti oxidant.  It is toxic at high levels and usually the need for human is limited to micro grams ranging from 20 to 70.   Due to this toxicity at higher level it is not safe to stimulate its level through medication.  Responding to news on its advantage on human health due to its property to protect cells from damage, which enables it to prevent cancer,especially, breast cancer and prostate cancer, Researchers at the University of East Anglia engaged in further study of the topic has brought in their report that who eat more of this mineral along with vitamin C and E are getting protection against pancreatic cancer.   Scientists though could not confirm whether the low level is causing diseases. its greater quantity can prevent occurrence of many ailments.  It is known fact that selenium controls the thyroid function and the immune system is highly depended on it. Immune system needs selenium to work properly.  It has been suggested that keeping its level at satisfactory level may possibly cure male infertility, cancer and Rheumatic Arthritis etc.  But how to achieve the required level of this mineral?  The best possible way is through dietary supplements than medication since medication may lead to over doze and possible complications.   For which Brazil nuts, whole grains, sunflower seeds, liver, butter fish especially shell fish are best sources.
So for people who are health oriented and regulate their diet instead of over dependence on medication, it is a best alternative to include this Brazil nut also in their diet as a protective measure.  

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Do you notice unusual behaviors of your pets ?

Pets especially dogs are best companions of man. From time immemorial this relation grows and continue. But how many of us mark difference of our pet dogs' behaviors and their attempts to convey useful messages to us?  Their howling and barking change suiting the occasions.  For example barking sounds warning human and animal  intrusions are different. Their faithfulness and reliable nature are often discussed.

 Most recent news is about its owner getting warning signal from it on cancer infection in one of her breasts. A 43 year old woman by name Sharon Rawlinson from Newark,Nottinghamshire got indication  from the unusual behaviour of her pet dog.  The dog was gently pawing on her infected breast as if to take out some infected thing.  Later she went to GP for checkup and confirmed the growth of a lump. As for this great help she is indebted to her pet whom she calls "guardian angel"

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Are You Watching Your Walking Style?

The most auspicious day in a human life is one when he/she starts to walk. From that day onward we start moving from place to place.  Some times it is brisk walking and some times it is slow pace depending on the urgency of the situation.  But regardless of the speed there always exist a style in walking.  If you have no disability in walking it is better you get trained to adopt a stylish walking style attracting attention of others.
Again there is difference in style of walking in male and female.  This gender difference is to be closely observed.  As otherwise it is absurd.  A male adopting female walking style and mannerism is looked down upon.  And equally in case of a female adopting male style.  People would view her as arrogant non cooperative and excessively proud.  On the contrary, it is nature's law that she ought to have an attractive style.  Some animals and birds are watched and liked by their style of walking.  For example a pea cock/or swan looks more attractive while they walk.  Some poets have even imagined that their heroine learning lessons of walking from swan.

This apart, a scientific connection also is attributed to your style of walking. Studies presented at Alzheimer Association International  conference bring in new information that the way you walk reveal the way you think.  A cognitive connection has been established between your walking and thinking.  They say your style of walking during old age is an indication of your chances of getting affected of  memory loss dementia or even Alzheimer’s at the extreme. It has also been suggested that it is indicative of performance of your vital internal body parts including brain, heart, lungs, as compared to the performance of a car running erratic when machine becomes obsolete.

Some may say,  Any how for those who have no causes for worry it is time again to worry about their walking style.  It is not so, your success and good health depend on it.  So it is equally important to watch your walking style

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Is there any hope for Alzheimer's patients?

People who are victims of Alzheimer's and their relatives can leave a sigh of relief that the biggest drug trial in the history of  the disease is being contemplated with hopefully better results in the near future.  US based Banner Alzheimer's Institute is to conduct a preventive trial on the large Colombian community bearing potential risk of genetic mutation and carrying risk of future development of Alzheimer's.. The $100million dollar study is initiated by Banner Alzheimer's Institute in Phoenix headed by Dr. Eric MReiman. A drug called Crenezumab which is attacking amyloid plaques in the brain to free it from cognitive problems is on trial. So let us wait for the result now. and see how the drug will react on people with potential danger of dementia developing in future.The study as reported will be concentrated on 300 columbians from the extended family who are carriers of the disease causing gene.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Should There Be A Schedule For Infant Feeding?

Should there be a schedule for my infant to be fed?  If at all there is one is it necessary to adhere to it strictly?  These are questions often pestering the minds of mothers of new born.

 There are people who make tight  Baby sleep & feeding schedule and make it  rudimentary and some are doing it  following  age-by-age feeding guide.  Feeding your new born has never been a problem in the past. Mothers used to feed the baby when it cried.  But modern mothers are following infant feeding schedule  on suggestions from Doctors or Dietitians as they want a brighter baby and their fuure shining with record performance in education, health and IQ and all other parameters.

But the mantra has now been revealed.  It is not schedule but the need that determines appropriate time for the feeding.  You shall have to postpone schedules when the crying need is something else and not food.
It is not necessary that  metabolic needs or blood sugar level of the baby is following any schedule and the mother could understand it well other than guessing..  But  it is often irritating to babies to have a routine schedule.  There are recent reports suggesting that babies who excel in future with higher IQ  and health parameters are the one who were fed on demand and not as per schedule.  So it is time for mothers of new born to think and take decisions. 

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Is Circumcision a Solution to HIV?

Is it possible to stop spread of HIV through Circumcision? Yes, says Craig Timberg and  Daniel Halperin  in their latest Book 'Tinderbox' on AIDS. They narrate the story of Western colonial powers' greed that led to sending African porters deep into the forest of Cameroon in Africa in search of natural resources who then contracted the dreadly virus and spread it to the rest of the world. They equally put blame on Christian missionaries who tried to change sexual behaviours of natives  supressing polygamy and the rituals of male circumcision etc. The writers put blame on global health officials for concentrating more on abstinence and condom promotion overlooking importance of natural wisdom of these natives. Watch their interview to know more about it.

Friday, March 30, 2012

How to fight Memory Loss

How to save your memory power?  It is an important question facing all growing people.  Apart from making huge losses financially or otherwise some times it can turn out to be life threatening due to accidents occuring.  So loss of cognitive power has been a subject for research to psychologists all over the world who come up with revelations now and then based on their research.
 The latest on this is a report on engagement of your brain to learn additional languages to enhance cognitive power.  Dr. Ellen Bialystok from York University Research team leader submitted this study report.  He recommends the people to go bilingual as study of an additional language would improve 'cognitive reserve' which may turn out to be useful for people to fight memory loss during aging. 

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Is There An Alternative Way To Reach Orgasm?

Orgasm the word often discussed with curiosity and an unclear definition is a subject of discussion once more.  It is a mystery and some times elusive even  to mothers of many children.   But modern women do have clear idea and are claiming their share of pie and  are on its chase.  The recent report is about a work out equipment providing the experience as a bonus.
The study conducted by Research leader Debby Herbenick at Indiana University revealed the result.  According to this report abdominal exercises practised on  an equipment  called Capatin's Chair provided the exercise induced orgasm.  

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Do You Watch Your Sleep Pattern?

Do you watch your sleep pattern or do you find it difficult to continue with unbroken sound sleep for continuous hours?  If so watch.  There has been reports about people suffering from disturbed sleep so as to wake up more than 5 times during sleep.  Scientists from American Academy of Neurology says that  amyloid plaques developed in the brain due to disturbed sleep may cause Alzheimer's disease later in your life.

 Though plenty of research is yet needed on the subject, the connection established between sleep pattern and cognitive efficiency is worth noticeable. The study now  has to be undertaken to ascertain whether sleep disturbance is a cause or reason for it.

  However,  it is necessary for us to take our sleep pattern seriously and to understand the reasons for disturbances occurring during sleep if any.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

What is the progress made in HIV research?

What progress has so far been made in curing HIV?   The focus of Scientists investigations have been to find out ways to check the spread of virus so that the patient can be saved from the dreaded condition of  HIV infection turning out to full blown AIDS.
Nathaniel R. Landau, PhD Microbiology-parasitology Professor from  NYU school of medicine has reported some progress in identifying and discovering a protein called SAMHD1 present in body cell resisting spread of the virus.  Efforts are on to synthetically manufacture this protein and apply for protection of cells in human body. Let us hope for the best and HIV patients would soon get a way to get over this dreadly disease. 

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Is it not time to keep a pet dog?

Dogs are in news again termed as the best friend of man.  Latest report is on their usefulness for pregnant women.  to keep them fit and healthy. Pregnant are compelled to have their required amount walking per day owing to their pet dog. According to Dr. Sandra McCune, researcher from Waltham Centre for Pet Nutrition dog walking  is a low risk exercise to keep pregnant women fit.

In another study by researchers at the Hentry Ford Hospital in Detroit exposure to pet dog during pregnancy helps to acquire antibody  called immunoglobulin E which may help to reduce allergy and asthma risks to infant  in future.  So children born in pet free homes are likely to turn out allergic and patients of Asthma in future than those born in families where pet dogs are kept. So now is it not the  time to seriously think about owning a pet dog?

Thursday, February 16, 2012

How do you know whether you carry risks of dementia or stroke?

Is there any shortcut or a pointer to your future risk of getting a stroke or dementia? You may ask the following questions yourself..
Are you middle aged?  How is your walking speed?  How firm is your grip while shaking hands?  These are the basic tests for you to judge whether you carry risks of dementia and stroke later in your life.  This has been brought to notice by lead researcher Dr. Erica C. Camargo of Boston Medical Center after a prolonged study for 11 years and follow up of 2410 people.  Slow physical performance are indicators of lower brain volume and related low cognitive strength bearing a future risk.
Though there are recommendations for such people to be more careful,  the research to link physical disability with cognitive ability is still going on.  However, Scientists say by controlling physical parameters like blood pressure and cholesterol level and also by avoiding  smoking and keeping up proper weight with a balanced diet and regular exercise they can escape from this risk. .

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

How Would You Escape Dementia?

Dementia or Memory loss has been explained as decline in cognitive efficiency in people due to several reasons. Aging has been cited one of these besides their inability to bear more stress.  But is it necessary for all old people to be a victim to it?  No, some busy with their cognitive activities like reading, playing and gaming while they were young, escape.  The reason for this has been explained by scientists that  in those who were not busy with sufficient mental activities during young age, concentration of amyloid protein in the brain is large and it may lead to memory loss and later can develop into Alzheimer's disease when they become old.  This accumulation can be averted by engaging in sufficient mental activity during  young age.

The above information is based on brain images of volunteers aged between 60 and 65 by Researchers at the university of California which has been publilshed onlline in the Archives of Neurology.

So please engage in plenty of reading and writing and be busy with the engagement of your mind.  Even if your earning at present is not commensurate to the labor put in, it is an investment for the future.  It may save you from the miserable and unfortunate disease of Alzheimer's in future.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

How Much Do You Like Sunshine?

There  is warning news again and again and repeated call from scientists all over the world to give more importance to that Sunshine Vitamin called Vitamin D, the deficiency of which may create havoc in your system.

  .  Day by day scientists are coming with more and more stories emphasizing the need to obtain this nutrient by all means.  They have already connected its relation from cold to cancer and responsible for head ache to heart attack.  So why to disregard this warning? Why not grab every opportunity to get it freely from sunshine whenever opportunity arises.  Be friendly to open environments.  Expose yourself more to sunshine.  You have nothing to loose.  But all gains to guard you against deficiency of this vital nutrient.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

How to Avoid Stress among Children?

Diet accounts for a little of Vitamin D, children need during their growth period.  The real supply of it comes from  sunshine which  provide them abundant supply of it.  But the problem is children are more confined to indoors than engaged in out door games now a days. Vitamin D also called as sunshine vitamin is produced by skin on getting exposure to sun.
 Dr. Anna-Maija Tolappanen of Bristol University's School of social and community medicine has found out children deficient of this vitamin D are more prone to depression.  She  stresses the need for more research on Vitamin D needs of  body  after detecting depressive symptoms among children who are deficient in Vitamin D

Monday, January 16, 2012

Why Vitamin D is more important?

Of all vitamins used by human body Vitamin D assumes more important position due to its manifold functions. Latest report on research  is supporting use of Vitamin D as a supplement to provide protection to the aging groups against deteriorating eyesight and blindness.  Besides protection to eyesight, Vitamin D also helps to remove toxic protein linked to Alzheimer's disease.  Lead scientist Professor Glen Jeffery, from the University College london in her research report opines that western world defficient of Vitamin D should have to take more care and supplement their intake to ensure protection to their eye sights.

Though available through various food items, the abundant and free source is sunlight but a rare phenomenon during cold days especially in cold affected regions of west.  Moreover, modern way of life and remaining indoors always covered due to extreme cold climate deprive men from exposure to sunlight and make him deficient of this free supply of Vitamin D. But once you have realized the vital importance of this element it is important to make yourself exposed to sunlight for minimum required hours every day.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

A new warning on cancer issued.

A new warning on cancer has been issued.  Research news published in British Journal of Cancer reveals that excess consumption of red processed meat may lead to bowel cancer.  Since pancreatic cancer has poor survival rates, it is a warning to people excessively consume red meat and burgers. A disease which is diagonized late is often a challenge to doctors.  Pancreatic Cancer is termed as a silent killer as symptoms always are vague. But the reports say that it is less dangerous than smoking where the risk rate is about 80%

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A New Hope For Dementia Patients

Dementia (memory loss) patients are most vulnerable and  always need the help of others for their activities of daily life (ADL).  The situation is further worsened by lack of effective pharmacological interventions to stop the degeneration of brain cell permanently.  Moreover there is always the risk of  patients slipping into Alzheimer's Disease.

Experiments have been going on  non- pharmacological level too to treat this malady.   Recently  German Scientists through a randomized controlled study to ascertain the efficacy of a non-pharmacological  therapy known as MAKS has conducted it on experimental basis on patients suffering from dementia in 5 nursing homes for twelve months  period.

   MAKS is a training comprising  motor stimulation,ADL,Cognition and Spiritual.  The result has been satisfactory and they found marked improvement in patients.  The study team is to continue their research by including larger samples for a prolonged period to find out whether the improvement found in patients is sustainable for longer period than 12 months making the dementia patients independent even after discontinuing treatment.

Monday, January 9, 2012

When Does The Memory Decline Really Start?

People especially those who have crossed their middle age usually complain about loss of memory as the reason for their failures.  Degeneration of cells in brain owing to age growth is perhaps considered to be the main reason for this memory loss or what is  often called as dementia.  It was believed that this process starts after a person attains the age of 60 or above.  But now researchers have come with a new opinion that the process starts much earlier than that right from the age of 45.  According to French Researchers controlling Blood pressure, Obesity and Cholesterol, one can stall the process.
Dr Anne Corbett, of the Alzheimer’s Society has requested the research community to come forward with more and more research in this field. A reduction in cognitive ability of people by adopting modern day life is a problem which can be avoided by effort. 

Saturday, January 7, 2012

What is the progress made in IVF techniques?

As more and more researches are being made in the field of IVF, new trends are emerging. The procedure of IVF is becoming more and more popular day by day with increase in numbers of sterile women owing to new life style.  Some of the problems associated with IVF have been premature delivery and low birth weight, multiple pregnancy and psychological problems on surrogate's children. Efforts are on going to solve these problems connected with this.  Of these  the former issue of lower weight and premature birth  can be  solved by adopting the freezing techniques of embryos rather than using fresh embryos says scientists.  This has been brought to notice from a study presented at British Fertility Society during its Annual Meeting.  There were suggestions to use frozen embryos rather than fresh ones from the year 2008.  Research in this line is still going on and we shall come to a final opinion about this soon.