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Monday, January 16, 2012

Why Vitamin D is more important?

Of all vitamins used by human body Vitamin D assumes more important position due to its manifold functions. Latest report on research  is supporting use of Vitamin D as a supplement to provide protection to the aging groups against deteriorating eyesight and blindness.  Besides protection to eyesight, Vitamin D also helps to remove toxic protein linked to Alzheimer's disease.  Lead scientist Professor Glen Jeffery, from the University College london in her research report opines that western world defficient of Vitamin D should have to take more care and supplement their intake to ensure protection to their eye sights.

Though available through various food items, the abundant and free source is sunlight but a rare phenomenon during cold days especially in cold affected regions of west.  Moreover, modern way of life and remaining indoors always covered due to extreme cold climate deprive men from exposure to sunlight and make him deficient of this free supply of Vitamin D. But once you have realized the vital importance of this element it is important to make yourself exposed to sunlight for minimum required hours every day.

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