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Friday, July 29, 2011

How To Fight Male Infertility?

Today's media is flush with the ideas to fight male fertility stressing role of antioxidants in fight against male infertility. Oxygen toxicity is the major cause to  defect sperm membranes, proteins and DNA usually affecting fertility among male. Researchers from University of Auckland in New Zealand made clinical trial on 2500 couples who were being treated for infertilty using IVF techniques by administering antioxidants to some of the male members who were found to be 4 times more productive than others.
 Many of our daily items of food are having antioxidants.  Important among them are blackberries,strawberries,cherries, red grapes, oranges, plums etc. in fruits and Spinach, Broccali flowers, Beets, Onions etc. in vegetables.
 Doctors are of different opinions on administering antioxidants and improve quality of sperm.  Some  are of the opinion that it is not good to use antioxidant tablets to improve sperm quality rather than to find out out root cause of defective sperm and treating for it. Barring aside scientific and research related advices, there is no harm in prospective male members to include these items of food discussed above in their daily intake. 

Saturday, July 23, 2011

What Are The Arguments For and Against Caffeine?

Caffein consumption has been a most disputed subject for quite a long time.  While some argue in favor some oppose it with vigor. The latest report suggests that in women it affects on muscles of her fallopian tube walls and adversely affect  her fertility.  Since the major cause for infertility among women is damage to Fallopian tube, the report causes concern to coffee drinking women all over the world.  Arguments in favor is that Coffee is a stimulant and it energizes brain to keep you alert and awake.  Hence,  it is widely used by students preparing for examination etc. It keeps long distance drivers awake through out night.  Its property to regulate testosterone to control hair loss among men  has also been tested and proved earlier;   the reason why it is used in some hair shampoos and dyes.  Its effect to delay attack of Alzheimer is an area where researches are going on.  There is also a belief that it is helpful in cases of Cardio vascular diseases and diabetes
Coming to its bad effect, apart from the recent revelation, owing to excess consumption in cases of hypertension, sleep problems, and its addictive nature have already been established.  In view of these facts, it is better always to moderate the consumption of this substance.  Beware that it is an intoxicant and toxic drink and indulging in to consumption beyond tolerant level may adversely affect you.   

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Now, Social X-Ray To Detect Your Lies.

A new device called "social x-ray" glasses has been developed to find out whether the man you are facing is lying.  Originally devised to help autism affected, it  can also be used to detect fraud and lies, decoding emotions from the facial expressions of people you confront. A grain-sized camera used in this glasses picks up various feature points which are analyzed by software and compared with datas stored already and transmitted to user through head phone. Rosalina Picard, the inventor who developed a  prototype tells that with improvements made in algorithm, the device can become more useful.  The new gadget in developing stage can have a wide range of use on many places including airports to detect potential offenders.

Friday, July 8, 2011

How Important Your Partner's Support To You?

Researchers have found out that area in brain responsible for stress and pain becomes less active when women get support from their partners holding their hands.  Even viewing pictures of their loved one can reduce stress and pain.Mr. Naomi Eisenberger  psychology professor from University of California reported after carrying out tests on 17 different women who were devoted to long term relationships.  Full report here.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Can You Judge A Man From His Looks?

Is it easy to judge a man from his looks?  The answer is negative.  If you could do so, you would be the most successful individual making profit always from interaction with people you come across.  But there are some tips available for a progress in the field to identify your contacts. A study made by a research team at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee revealed that more men than women with wider faces are likely to be liars.
The researcher quotes, John F Kennedy, Richard Nixon, Ken Lay and Bill Clinton as some of the examples of people with wider faces. You may read in detail.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

How Would You React To A Treasure Trove Worth 10 Billion?

India is famous for its temples built centuries ago.  Many temples are located in southern part of it.  One of the famous temple located in Kerala the southern most state has been the most popular one called Sri Padmanabha Swamy Temple for its architecture and tourist attraction.  There were stories in circulation that this 9Th century temple carried huge assets kept in secret cells kept under ground by previous kings of the state who ruled it once as servants of the God deity of this temple. The rulers of the state that time kept this as a reserve to meet the needs of the state at times of hardships like drought, famine, war etc. Now  these underground  treasure vaults, access to which has been most secret and formidable through meter long tunnels without light and air was found out and opened on the basis of a court order.  To the surprise of every one these chambers contained Gold ornaments, Coins, Gems and rare collection of Jewelries  in huge quantities worth thousands of million Dollars the approximate estimate of its value discussed as more than 10 billion Dollars.