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Saturday, July 2, 2011

How Would You React To A Treasure Trove Worth 10 Billion?

India is famous for its temples built centuries ago.  Many temples are located in southern part of it.  One of the famous temple located in Kerala the southern most state has been the most popular one called Sri Padmanabha Swamy Temple for its architecture and tourist attraction.  There were stories in circulation that this 9Th century temple carried huge assets kept in secret cells kept under ground by previous kings of the state who ruled it once as servants of the God deity of this temple. The rulers of the state that time kept this as a reserve to meet the needs of the state at times of hardships like drought, famine, war etc. Now  these underground  treasure vaults, access to which has been most secret and formidable through meter long tunnels without light and air was found out and opened on the basis of a court order.  To the surprise of every one these chambers contained Gold ornaments, Coins, Gems and rare collection of Jewelries  in huge quantities worth thousands of million Dollars the approximate estimate of its value discussed as more than 10 billion Dollars.


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  2. Yes the treasure served as a lender of last resort. There is history to it.