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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

How Much Do You Like Sunshine?

There  is warning news again and again and repeated call from scientists all over the world to give more importance to that Sunshine Vitamin called Vitamin D, the deficiency of which may create havoc in your system.

  .  Day by day scientists are coming with more and more stories emphasizing the need to obtain this nutrient by all means.  They have already connected its relation from cold to cancer and responsible for head ache to heart attack.  So why to disregard this warning? Why not grab every opportunity to get it freely from sunshine whenever opportunity arises.  Be friendly to open environments.  Expose yourself more to sunshine.  You have nothing to loose.  But all gains to guard you against deficiency of this vital nutrient.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

How to Avoid Stress among Children?

Diet accounts for a little of Vitamin D, children need during their growth period.  The real supply of it comes from  sunshine which  provide them abundant supply of it.  But the problem is children are more confined to indoors than engaged in out door games now a days. Vitamin D also called as sunshine vitamin is produced by skin on getting exposure to sun.
 Dr. Anna-Maija Tolappanen of Bristol University's School of social and community medicine has found out children deficient of this vitamin D are more prone to depression.  She  stresses the need for more research on Vitamin D needs of  body  after detecting depressive symptoms among children who are deficient in Vitamin D

Monday, January 16, 2012

Why Vitamin D is more important?

Of all vitamins used by human body Vitamin D assumes more important position due to its manifold functions. Latest report on research  is supporting use of Vitamin D as a supplement to provide protection to the aging groups against deteriorating eyesight and blindness.  Besides protection to eyesight, Vitamin D also helps to remove toxic protein linked to Alzheimer's disease.  Lead scientist Professor Glen Jeffery, from the University College london in her research report opines that western world defficient of Vitamin D should have to take more care and supplement their intake to ensure protection to their eye sights.

Though available through various food items, the abundant and free source is sunlight but a rare phenomenon during cold days especially in cold affected regions of west.  Moreover, modern way of life and remaining indoors always covered due to extreme cold climate deprive men from exposure to sunlight and make him deficient of this free supply of Vitamin D. But once you have realized the vital importance of this element it is important to make yourself exposed to sunlight for minimum required hours every day.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

A new warning on cancer issued.

A new warning on cancer has been issued.  Research news published in British Journal of Cancer reveals that excess consumption of red processed meat may lead to bowel cancer.  Since pancreatic cancer has poor survival rates, it is a warning to people excessively consume red meat and burgers. A disease which is diagonized late is often a challenge to doctors.  Pancreatic Cancer is termed as a silent killer as symptoms always are vague. But the reports say that it is less dangerous than smoking where the risk rate is about 80%

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A New Hope For Dementia Patients

Dementia (memory loss) patients are most vulnerable and  always need the help of others for their activities of daily life (ADL).  The situation is further worsened by lack of effective pharmacological interventions to stop the degeneration of brain cell permanently.  Moreover there is always the risk of  patients slipping into Alzheimer's Disease.

Experiments have been going on  non- pharmacological level too to treat this malady.   Recently  German Scientists through a randomized controlled study to ascertain the efficacy of a non-pharmacological  therapy known as MAKS has conducted it on experimental basis on patients suffering from dementia in 5 nursing homes for twelve months  period.

   MAKS is a training comprising  motor stimulation,ADL,Cognition and Spiritual.  The result has been satisfactory and they found marked improvement in patients.  The study team is to continue their research by including larger samples for a prolonged period to find out whether the improvement found in patients is sustainable for longer period than 12 months making the dementia patients independent even after discontinuing treatment.

Monday, January 9, 2012

When Does The Memory Decline Really Start?

People especially those who have crossed their middle age usually complain about loss of memory as the reason for their failures.  Degeneration of cells in brain owing to age growth is perhaps considered to be the main reason for this memory loss or what is  often called as dementia.  It was believed that this process starts after a person attains the age of 60 or above.  But now researchers have come with a new opinion that the process starts much earlier than that right from the age of 45.  According to French Researchers controlling Blood pressure, Obesity and Cholesterol, one can stall the process.
Dr Anne Corbett, of the Alzheimer’s Society has requested the research community to come forward with more and more research in this field. A reduction in cognitive ability of people by adopting modern day life is a problem which can be avoided by effort. 

Saturday, January 7, 2012

What is the progress made in IVF techniques?

As more and more researches are being made in the field of IVF, new trends are emerging. The procedure of IVF is becoming more and more popular day by day with increase in numbers of sterile women owing to new life style.  Some of the problems associated with IVF have been premature delivery and low birth weight, multiple pregnancy and psychological problems on surrogate's children. Efforts are on going to solve these problems connected with this.  Of these  the former issue of lower weight and premature birth  can be  solved by adopting the freezing techniques of embryos rather than using fresh embryos says scientists.  This has been brought to notice from a study presented at British Fertility Society during its Annual Meeting.  There were suggestions to use frozen embryos rather than fresh ones from the year 2008.  Research in this line is still going on and we shall come to a final opinion about this soon.