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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A New Hope For Dementia Patients

Dementia (memory loss) patients are most vulnerable and  always need the help of others for their activities of daily life (ADL).  The situation is further worsened by lack of effective pharmacological interventions to stop the degeneration of brain cell permanently.  Moreover there is always the risk of  patients slipping into Alzheimer's Disease.

Experiments have been going on  non- pharmacological level too to treat this malady.   Recently  German Scientists through a randomized controlled study to ascertain the efficacy of a non-pharmacological  therapy known as MAKS has conducted it on experimental basis on patients suffering from dementia in 5 nursing homes for twelve months  period.

   MAKS is a training comprising  motor stimulation,ADL,Cognition and Spiritual.  The result has been satisfactory and they found marked improvement in patients.  The study team is to continue their research by including larger samples for a prolonged period to find out whether the improvement found in patients is sustainable for longer period than 12 months making the dementia patients independent even after discontinuing treatment.

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