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Are You Watching Your Walking Style?

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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Do You Watch Your Sleep Pattern?

Do you watch your sleep pattern or do you find it difficult to continue with unbroken sound sleep for continuous hours?  If so watch.  There has been reports about people suffering from disturbed sleep so as to wake up more than 5 times during sleep.  Scientists from American Academy of Neurology says that  amyloid plaques developed in the brain due to disturbed sleep may cause Alzheimer's disease later in your life.

 Though plenty of research is yet needed on the subject, the connection established between sleep pattern and cognitive efficiency is worth noticeable. The study now  has to be undertaken to ascertain whether sleep disturbance is a cause or reason for it.

  However,  it is necessary for us to take our sleep pattern seriously and to understand the reasons for disturbances occurring during sleep if any.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

What is the progress made in HIV research?

What progress has so far been made in curing HIV?   The focus of Scientists investigations have been to find out ways to check the spread of virus so that the patient can be saved from the dreaded condition of  HIV infection turning out to full blown AIDS.
Nathaniel R. Landau, PhD Microbiology-parasitology Professor from  NYU school of medicine has reported some progress in identifying and discovering a protein called SAMHD1 present in body cell resisting spread of the virus.  Efforts are on to synthetically manufacture this protein and apply for protection of cells in human body. Let us hope for the best and HIV patients would soon get a way to get over this dreadly disease. 

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Is it not time to keep a pet dog?

Dogs are in news again termed as the best friend of man.  Latest report is on their usefulness for pregnant women.  to keep them fit and healthy. Pregnant are compelled to have their required amount walking per day owing to their pet dog. According to Dr. Sandra McCune, researcher from Waltham Centre for Pet Nutrition dog walking  is a low risk exercise to keep pregnant women fit.

In another study by researchers at the Hentry Ford Hospital in Detroit exposure to pet dog during pregnancy helps to acquire antibody  called immunoglobulin E which may help to reduce allergy and asthma risks to infant  in future.  So children born in pet free homes are likely to turn out allergic and patients of Asthma in future than those born in families where pet dogs are kept. So now is it not the  time to seriously think about owning a pet dog?

Thursday, February 16, 2012

How do you know whether you carry risks of dementia or stroke?

Is there any shortcut or a pointer to your future risk of getting a stroke or dementia? You may ask the following questions yourself..
Are you middle aged?  How is your walking speed?  How firm is your grip while shaking hands?  These are the basic tests for you to judge whether you carry risks of dementia and stroke later in your life.  This has been brought to notice by lead researcher Dr. Erica C. Camargo of Boston Medical Center after a prolonged study for 11 years and follow up of 2410 people.  Slow physical performance are indicators of lower brain volume and related low cognitive strength bearing a future risk.
Though there are recommendations for such people to be more careful,  the research to link physical disability with cognitive ability is still going on.  However, Scientists say by controlling physical parameters like blood pressure and cholesterol level and also by avoiding  smoking and keeping up proper weight with a balanced diet and regular exercise they can escape from this risk. .

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

How Would You Escape Dementia?

Dementia or Memory loss has been explained as decline in cognitive efficiency in people due to several reasons. Aging has been cited one of these besides their inability to bear more stress.  But is it necessary for all old people to be a victim to it?  No, some busy with their cognitive activities like reading, playing and gaming while they were young, escape.  The reason for this has been explained by scientists that  in those who were not busy with sufficient mental activities during young age, concentration of amyloid protein in the brain is large and it may lead to memory loss and later can develop into Alzheimer's disease when they become old.  This accumulation can be averted by engaging in sufficient mental activity during  young age.

The above information is based on brain images of volunteers aged between 60 and 65 by Researchers at the university of California which has been publilshed onlline in the Archives of Neurology.

So please engage in plenty of reading and writing and be busy with the engagement of your mind.  Even if your earning at present is not commensurate to the labor put in, it is an investment for the future.  It may save you from the miserable and unfortunate disease of Alzheimer's in future.