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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Do You Watch Your Sleep Pattern?

Do you watch your sleep pattern or do you find it difficult to continue with unbroken sound sleep for continuous hours?  If so watch.  There has been reports about people suffering from disturbed sleep so as to wake up more than 5 times during sleep.  Scientists from American Academy of Neurology says that  amyloid plaques developed in the brain due to disturbed sleep may cause Alzheimer's disease later in your life.

 Though plenty of research is yet needed on the subject, the connection established between sleep pattern and cognitive efficiency is worth noticeable. The study now  has to be undertaken to ascertain whether sleep disturbance is a cause or reason for it.

  However,  it is necessary for us to take our sleep pattern seriously and to understand the reasons for disturbances occurring during sleep if any.


  1. This was so interesting. I have a horrible time with sleep and my grandmother had Alzheimer's disease. I should be watching this. Thanks for posting it. And I appreciate the comment about my plants freezing. They are like innocent children. We have to look out for them! :)

    1. I usually make a follow up on topics I have covered. Recently I have come across the news of using virgin coconut oil to prevent Alzheimers. I hope the link here would interest you.http://www.naturepacific.com/contents/en-us/d227_virgin-coconut-oil-brain-food-prevent-Alzheimers.html