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Thursday, February 16, 2012

How do you know whether you carry risks of dementia or stroke?

Is there any shortcut or a pointer to your future risk of getting a stroke or dementia? You may ask the following questions yourself..
Are you middle aged?  How is your walking speed?  How firm is your grip while shaking hands?  These are the basic tests for you to judge whether you carry risks of dementia and stroke later in your life.  This has been brought to notice by lead researcher Dr. Erica C. Camargo of Boston Medical Center after a prolonged study for 11 years and follow up of 2410 people.  Slow physical performance are indicators of lower brain volume and related low cognitive strength bearing a future risk.
Though there are recommendations for such people to be more careful,  the research to link physical disability with cognitive ability is still going on.  However, Scientists say by controlling physical parameters like blood pressure and cholesterol level and also by avoiding  smoking and keeping up proper weight with a balanced diet and regular exercise they can escape from this risk. .

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