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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Is it not time to keep a pet dog?

Dogs are in news again termed as the best friend of man.  Latest report is on their usefulness for pregnant women.  to keep them fit and healthy. Pregnant are compelled to have their required amount walking per day owing to their pet dog. According to Dr. Sandra McCune, researcher from Waltham Centre for Pet Nutrition dog walking  is a low risk exercise to keep pregnant women fit.

In another study by researchers at the Hentry Ford Hospital in Detroit exposure to pet dog during pregnancy helps to acquire antibody  called immunoglobulin E which may help to reduce allergy and asthma risks to infant  in future.  So children born in pet free homes are likely to turn out allergic and patients of Asthma in future than those born in families where pet dogs are kept. So now is it not the  time to seriously think about owning a pet dog?


  1. Wow. What good information. I've always heard positive things about having a dog, I guess this is just one more in favor. It really makes sense for pregnant women.
    I appreciate the comment on my blog. Turns out using the last little bit may be detrimental for my health. I found that disturbing. You said about the foil in the toothpaste, yes? One more reason to make my own toothpaste....right now we're using a powder. But it tastes like salt. Once we run out, I'll be making my own. Thanks for the information!

    1. I do not know what concoction you make, but addition of a little camphor powder can change the taste. It is good for teeth. I clean my teeth using natural things like rolled mango tree leaf which is good to clear off all stains and make the teeth sparkling white. You may also try if mango tree leaves are available. Choose a ripe yellow mango tree leaf. Roll it to a small stump and bite off its edge to use as brush. It is recommended in Indian medicine Ayurveda.

  2. This is particularly valid for the elderly or the individuals who carry on a forlorn presence. So in that sense, a pet positively affects a man. Mypetlov.com