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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

How Would You Escape Dementia?

Dementia or Memory loss has been explained as decline in cognitive efficiency in people due to several reasons. Aging has been cited one of these besides their inability to bear more stress.  But is it necessary for all old people to be a victim to it?  No, some busy with their cognitive activities like reading, playing and gaming while they were young, escape.  The reason for this has been explained by scientists that  in those who were not busy with sufficient mental activities during young age, concentration of amyloid protein in the brain is large and it may lead to memory loss and later can develop into Alzheimer's disease when they become old.  This accumulation can be averted by engaging in sufficient mental activity during  young age.

The above information is based on brain images of volunteers aged between 60 and 65 by Researchers at the university of California which has been publilshed onlline in the Archives of Neurology.

So please engage in plenty of reading and writing and be busy with the engagement of your mind.  Even if your earning at present is not commensurate to the labor put in, it is an investment for the future.  It may save you from the miserable and unfortunate disease of Alzheimer's in future.

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