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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Is More Computer Dependence of Air Pilot A Risk To Air Safety?

Gradually a fact has come to light.  More dependence on machine makes man dull and it applies in the case of an air pilot too.  A pilot usually puts his machine on auto pilot under various circumstances.  But when it turns out to be an addiction or over dependence on machine it poses threat to his efficiency to manage situations of crisis.   He falls a victim of forgetfulness with slow reflexes and may loose his instincts to act instantaneously on situations warranting quick actions. So this is a cause for worry to regular fliers.   There is a long history of mishaps occurring due to this over dependence which has been revealed by Associated Press in their report

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Has Your Marital Status Got Anything With Your Figure?

Researchers at Ohio State University headed by Dmitry Tumin has made some connection between marital status and weight gain and its varying effects on men and women.  After scrutinizing answers from 10071 men and women who participated in a survey , the team has reached on the conclusion that in the cases of men it will help them to remain trim and maintain good figure provided they remain married.  But they start to gain weight no sooner than they do get divorced.  In the case of women, they put on weight after getting married.  probably due to lack of time for exercise.  Or may be due to their loosing interest on body maintenance after achieving a husband.  But the research is silent on how bodies of women react after divorce.

So women who want to keep up the figures can do so by not getting married and men who desire to maintain figure should not get divorced.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Dogs Now On To New Duty Of Cancer Diagnosis.

As a step forward in early Cancer Diagnosis, German Researchers from Schillerhoehe Hospital is training dogs to detect Lung Cancer as reported by Daily Mail.  The Dogs are trained in such a way as to smell out from exhaled breath and detect Cancer in its early stage.  Since lung cancer is turning worse as it advances and  it is a formidable task to deal with an advance lung cancer for both patient and doctor. It is in this context, the instance of sniffing dog becomes a blessing.  If trained properly it can predict with 70%accuracy says report, thus Dog  proving once again to be man's greatest friend ever. 

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Will HIV be Cured?

Greatest discovery after pencilin, a new vaccine named Draco has been discovered to cure Viral diseases of all types including HIV.  The problem so far has been Virus get mutated and become drug resistent making the cure impossible.  The new drug irrespective of mutation kills all virus and make the cells free of infection and stops further mutation.  It is waiting clinical trial and once it gets approval, HIV, Flu or any other viral infections can be cured at one stroke. Credit for the discovery goes to Lincoln Laboraory's Chlemical, Biological and Nanoscale Technolgies Group. A major break through, is it not?  A detailed report is linked.

Why is Coconut Water Good for You?

Have you had an opportunity to relish the sweet coconut water after much hard work and physical strain or continuous work out taking all energy out of your body?  If not try once.  You willl find more relaxed and rush of energy makes you more energetic and  comfortable.  The reason- Coconut water contain electrolytes like Sodium which is lost  due to perspiration.  With no impurity found it is considered as the purest form of water available on earth good for health and even advised as drink to recuperating patients  who requires hydration.  Recently New York Times  reported about a study by independent laboratory called Consumerlab.com which compared electrolyte contents in many of the sports drinks. They recommend sodium enriched coconut water as an ideal drink for sports persons.

Coconuts  belonging to palm family are grown in coastal areas. It is found in many parts of the world especially grown with keen interest in tropical region.  It is a tree providing utility with all its components leaves, stem ,fruits etc. widely used for different purposes. It provides continuous yield  for years and can have a life to exceed 100 years even  .It has gained much popularity earlier since it provides different food items like coconut water, coconut milk etc. which are rich in sugar, fiber, proteins, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.  Now with the recognition of its isotonic electrolyte property it gets approval as an ideal sports drink.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Why Exercise More Important to Cancer Survivors?

Jane Maher, famous oncologist from Macmilan Cancer Support recommneds 150 minutes regular excercise to those recovering from cancer at almost all levels.  This includes patients who recovered from breast cancer, prostate cancer, bowel cancer etc.  He says that physical exercise lilke, walking, cycling, playing etc. will help to eliminate anxiety, fatigue, depression and other physical imbalances due to side effects from drugs.  Exercise is a wonder drug  helpful to elilminate risk of recurrence in varying degrees to various types of cancer.  See detailed report

Thursday, August 4, 2011

news4note: The Secrets of 100 Year's Life

news4note: The Secrets of 100 Year's Life: "A new health report says longevity is connected to genes than life style. No matter whatever bad traits you are indulging into, like drink..."

The Secrets of 100 Year's Life

A new health report says longevity is connected to genes than life style.  No matter whatever bad traits you are indulging into, like drinking,smoking, eating fast food etc., you may live for 100 years if  genes you inherited support you.  I do not know how many takers would there be for this  new theory as it goes against all prevailing norms of health management. Amy Winehouse  who lost her life recently, allegedly due to excessive drinking and drug abuse would not have met her tragic end this way.  Or is it because she inherited a bad gene?

While not contenting the new report, one may assure good health and modify the gene by strengthening vital organs like, heart,lungs,kidney, brain etc., by following a good life style.   A wayward life style is sure to weaken your vital organs to affect the quality of life no matter how so ever long it may be extended.

Monday, August 1, 2011

How to Escape from Memory Loss?

As age grows, memory loss is a common problem faced by all.  They forget things easily and most vital information some times are lost from their memory.  In today's world every one has to remember a lot of things like pin numbers, passwords, your vehicle numbers,  phone numbers and what not.  If you find it difficult to remember them at right time you will be a looser.   Some say it is because,  as age grows human brain shrinks in size to give longer life span.

As age grows working memory or what is called short term memory gets reduced.  Researchers from Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut has conducted their experiments on monkeys to find out that younger animals retain their memory for a longer period than old ones.

Now Scientists have come up with a suggestion to use Guanfacine a low cost drug used to treat Blood pressure as a treatment to check memory loss.  The side effects of using it for a prolonged period is not known yet.  But when one is conscious of this disability, he can always endeavor to rectify it by adopting certain measures. However, let us hope some progress is being made by scientific community to solve this inherent human disability.