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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Has Your Marital Status Got Anything With Your Figure?

Researchers at Ohio State University headed by Dmitry Tumin has made some connection between marital status and weight gain and its varying effects on men and women.  After scrutinizing answers from 10071 men and women who participated in a survey , the team has reached on the conclusion that in the cases of men it will help them to remain trim and maintain good figure provided they remain married.  But they start to gain weight no sooner than they do get divorced.  In the case of women, they put on weight after getting married.  probably due to lack of time for exercise.  Or may be due to their loosing interest on body maintenance after achieving a husband.  But the research is silent on how bodies of women react after divorce.

So women who want to keep up the figures can do so by not getting married and men who desire to maintain figure should not get divorced.

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