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Monday, August 1, 2011

How to Escape from Memory Loss?

As age grows, memory loss is a common problem faced by all.  They forget things easily and most vital information some times are lost from their memory.  In today's world every one has to remember a lot of things like pin numbers, passwords, your vehicle numbers,  phone numbers and what not.  If you find it difficult to remember them at right time you will be a looser.   Some say it is because,  as age grows human brain shrinks in size to give longer life span.

As age grows working memory or what is called short term memory gets reduced.  Researchers from Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut has conducted their experiments on monkeys to find out that younger animals retain their memory for a longer period than old ones.

Now Scientists have come up with a suggestion to use Guanfacine a low cost drug used to treat Blood pressure as a treatment to check memory loss.  The side effects of using it for a prolonged period is not known yet.  But when one is conscious of this disability, he can always endeavor to rectify it by adopting certain measures. However, let us hope some progress is being made by scientific community to solve this inherent human disability. 

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