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Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Secrets of 100 Year's Life

A new health report says longevity is connected to genes than life style.  No matter whatever bad traits you are indulging into, like drinking,smoking, eating fast food etc., you may live for 100 years if  genes you inherited support you.  I do not know how many takers would there be for this  new theory as it goes against all prevailing norms of health management. Amy Winehouse  who lost her life recently, allegedly due to excessive drinking and drug abuse would not have met her tragic end this way.  Or is it because she inherited a bad gene?

While not contenting the new report, one may assure good health and modify the gene by strengthening vital organs like, heart,lungs,kidney, brain etc., by following a good life style.   A wayward life style is sure to weaken your vital organs to affect the quality of life no matter how so ever long it may be extended.

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