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Monday, January 9, 2012

When Does The Memory Decline Really Start?

People especially those who have crossed their middle age usually complain about loss of memory as the reason for their failures.  Degeneration of cells in brain owing to age growth is perhaps considered to be the main reason for this memory loss or what is  often called as dementia.  It was believed that this process starts after a person attains the age of 60 or above.  But now researchers have come with a new opinion that the process starts much earlier than that right from the age of 45.  According to French Researchers controlling Blood pressure, Obesity and Cholesterol, one can stall the process.
Dr Anne Corbett, of the Alzheimer’s Society has requested the research community to come forward with more and more research in this field. A reduction in cognitive ability of people by adopting modern day life is a problem which can be avoided by effort. 

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