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Saturday, July 23, 2011

What Are The Arguments For and Against Caffeine?

Caffein consumption has been a most disputed subject for quite a long time.  While some argue in favor some oppose it with vigor. The latest report suggests that in women it affects on muscles of her fallopian tube walls and adversely affect  her fertility.  Since the major cause for infertility among women is damage to Fallopian tube, the report causes concern to coffee drinking women all over the world.  Arguments in favor is that Coffee is a stimulant and it energizes brain to keep you alert and awake.  Hence,  it is widely used by students preparing for examination etc. It keeps long distance drivers awake through out night.  Its property to regulate testosterone to control hair loss among men  has also been tested and proved earlier;   the reason why it is used in some hair shampoos and dyes.  Its effect to delay attack of Alzheimer is an area where researches are going on.  There is also a belief that it is helpful in cases of Cardio vascular diseases and diabetes
Coming to its bad effect, apart from the recent revelation, owing to excess consumption in cases of hypertension, sleep problems, and its addictive nature have already been established.  In view of these facts, it is better always to moderate the consumption of this substance.  Beware that it is an intoxicant and toxic drink and indulging in to consumption beyond tolerant level may adversely affect you.   

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