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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Have you had the chance of tasting Brazil nut?

Have you ever thought how indispensable nuts are for inclusion of it into your diet?  If not do so very soon for the following reasons.  Nuts are delicious and liked by all.   Of which Brazil Nuts known by its indigenous names juvia or sapucaia in Brazil are very important due to its rich content of selenium,  a rare mineral highly essential to health.  It is grown on forest trees surviving for years bearing fruits containing these seeds. These trees are native of Guianas, Venezuela, Columbia, peru, Bolivia apart from Brazil.  Brazil nut oil is edible and has simultaneous industrial use in lubricants, paint and cosmetics industry.  But the importance of this tree grows in the context of its nut containing this rare mineral selenium which is so precious to mankind.  So if you have access to it don’t forget to add it as a dietary supplement as it helps to a great extend to tune up your immune system.
A mineral too much discussed now a days is selenium,  chemical symbol of which is Se with atomic number 34.  It is established that we need this mineral in very small quantities for preservation of good health.  When combined with vitamin E, it works as an anti oxidant.  It is toxic at high levels and usually the need for human is limited to micro grams ranging from 20 to 70.   Due to this toxicity at higher level it is not safe to stimulate its level through medication.  Responding to news on its advantage on human health due to its property to protect cells from damage, which enables it to prevent cancer,especially, breast cancer and prostate cancer, Researchers at the University of East Anglia engaged in further study of the topic has brought in their report that who eat more of this mineral along with vitamin C and E are getting protection against pancreatic cancer.   Scientists though could not confirm whether the low level is causing diseases. its greater quantity can prevent occurrence of many ailments.  It is known fact that selenium controls the thyroid function and the immune system is highly depended on it. Immune system needs selenium to work properly.  It has been suggested that keeping its level at satisfactory level may possibly cure male infertility, cancer and Rheumatic Arthritis etc.  But how to achieve the required level of this mineral?  The best possible way is through dietary supplements than medication since medication may lead to over doze and possible complications.   For which Brazil nuts, whole grains, sunflower seeds, liver, butter fish especially shell fish are best sources.
So for people who are health oriented and regulate their diet instead of over dependence on medication, it is a best alternative to include this Brazil nut also in their diet as a protective measure.  

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  1. Another report showing how it is effective in helping pregnancy inhttp://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-2839367/How-Brazil-nuts-boost-woman-s-fertility-Natural-antioxidant-nuts-red-meat-seafood-improves-chances-conceiving.html women, read