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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Do you notice unusual behaviors of your pets ?

Pets especially dogs are best companions of man. From time immemorial this relation grows and continue. But how many of us mark difference of our pet dogs' behaviors and their attempts to convey useful messages to us?  Their howling and barking change suiting the occasions.  For example barking sounds warning human and animal  intrusions are different. Their faithfulness and reliable nature are often discussed.

 Most recent news is about its owner getting warning signal from it on cancer infection in one of her breasts. A 43 year old woman by name Sharon Rawlinson from Newark,Nottinghamshire got indication  from the unusual behaviour of her pet dog.  The dog was gently pawing on her infected breast as if to take out some infected thing.  Later she went to GP for checkup and confirmed the growth of a lump. As for this great help she is indebted to her pet whom she calls "guardian angel"

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