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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Is there any hope for Alzheimer's patients?

People who are victims of Alzheimer's and their relatives can leave a sigh of relief that the biggest drug trial in the history of  the disease is being contemplated with hopefully better results in the near future.  US based Banner Alzheimer's Institute is to conduct a preventive trial on the large Colombian community bearing potential risk of genetic mutation and carrying risk of future development of Alzheimer's.. The $100million dollar study is initiated by Banner Alzheimer's Institute in Phoenix headed by Dr. Eric MReiman. A drug called Crenezumab which is attacking amyloid plaques in the brain to free it from cognitive problems is on trial. So let us wait for the result now. and see how the drug will react on people with potential danger of dementia developing in future.The study as reported will be concentrated on 300 columbians from the extended family who are carriers of the disease causing gene.

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