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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Should There Be A Schedule For Infant Feeding?

Should there be a schedule for my infant to be fed?  If at all there is one is it necessary to adhere to it strictly?  These are questions often pestering the minds of mothers of new born.

 There are people who make tight  Baby sleep & feeding schedule and make it  rudimentary and some are doing it  following  age-by-age feeding guide.  Feeding your new born has never been a problem in the past. Mothers used to feed the baby when it cried.  But modern mothers are following infant feeding schedule  on suggestions from Doctors or Dietitians as they want a brighter baby and their fuure shining with record performance in education, health and IQ and all other parameters.

But the mantra has now been revealed.  It is not schedule but the need that determines appropriate time for the feeding.  You shall have to postpone schedules when the crying need is something else and not food.
It is not necessary that  metabolic needs or blood sugar level of the baby is following any schedule and the mother could understand it well other than guessing..  But  it is often irritating to babies to have a routine schedule.  There are recent reports suggesting that babies who excel in future with higher IQ  and health parameters are the one who were fed on demand and not as per schedule.  So it is time for mothers of new born to think and take decisions. 

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