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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Now It Is Advantage Straberry-

 Researchers from Salk Institute for Biological Studies have found out that a matter called fiestin contained in strawberries can provide multiple health benefits like prevention of cancer, kidney problems and neurological  disorders including Alzheimer's.  Dr. David Schubert PH.D.head of Cellular Neurobiology and his team has concluded in their study that fiestin inclusion in diet can help patients suffering from high blood pressure, Type 1 diabetes and kidney enlargement diseases. It has been an accepted fact that nutritional deficieny leads to disease.  So if harmless natural items can help you get protection against challenging diseases, why not we include them in our diet? There were efforts by the American Cancer Society to condemn such stories as 'fraud and quackery'. But so far no one could confirm what causes cancer like diseases other than nutritional deficiency and modern life style.  The deficiency of Vitamin B-17 has been established in such cases. So if some one says this deficiency is covered by inclusion of certain harmless  items in to our diet, let us do it.

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