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Monday, March 28, 2011

Green Energy at Your Doorstep

Nature is the best source of energy.  The sunlight, water, wind etc. pouring in harmless supply in abundance. The solar energy, wind energy and hydroelectric all are coming under green energy.  But the problem so far has been that man went after artificial generation of power like nuclear, potentially harmful  and dangerous to his own existence.  Scientists in their efforts to harness natural source have made a break through lately.  A team of Scientists at Massachusetts Institute of Technology has made an artificial leaf of the size and shape of a playing card made from silicon .  This thinner device when immersed in a gallon of water exposed to sunlight can provide electricity sufficient  enough to the need of a house. Water contains sufficient quantity of hydrogen to meet the energy need of the world, but separation of it from accompanied oxygen has been a major problem so far. But this device enables to do so without much expense, splits water into hydrogen and oxygen with the help of sunlight  and then hydrogen is stored in a fuel cell. Let us wait for its commercial launching of this dream project.

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