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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Is Super Moon Going to Cause Major Disaster.

There are rumors going on on the internet as well as outside by doomsayers that  World is going to end.  The recent earthquake in Japan prompted them to make predictions and latest being on Super Moon predicted to be on 19th of this month.  They connect Seismic activity with lunar positions and predict major earthquakes at different parts of world.  One of such videos  you can find  circulated on You Tube (see the link)http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_096cj4ZLMQ
Super Moon is a very rare occasion  Moon coming nearest to Earth. Since  Moon during its orbit cycles changes its position stronger tidal waves are noticed, whether seismic activities are resulted out of it is not confirmed yet. To find out what is the reality, I searched out the astrologer and found out Astrologer Richard Nolle had predicted super moon way back in 1970.  Astrological predictions are correct based on scientific approach and one can rely on it. So please don't go after rumors.  Find out scientific  facts yourself. You may visit his 
website to know  exactly what are the predictions www.astropro.com

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